About Sherry Stockwell

In Texas, they say “It’s not bragging if it’s true.” A 30-year veteran of the real estate business, Sherry Stockwell proves that old saying with her long record of developing real estate and businesses that succeed. Mrs. Stockwell led development of the visitor center and real estate office at Shadow Creek Ranch, a 3,500-acre, master-planned community of almost 6,000 homes. She coordinated efforts between the developer, builders, real estate agents and the marketing firm to create a team that marketed and sold homes at a record pace. In fact, Shadow Creek Ranch was the fastest-selling new community in the U.S. with over 1,000 homes sold in its third full year of operation.

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My Commitments

Great Place to Live
  • Expand Arts and Culture Throughout the Community
  • Improve Mobility Through Alternative Transportation Corridors Such as Bicycling, and Walking Trails
  • Preserve Local History For Future Generations
Building Community
  • Develop City Facilities and Venues that Support Community Arts and entertainment
  • Engage and educate residents in city government and its processes
  • Adapt to Pearland’s Changing demographics and diversity
  • Supports local Non-Profits
  • Enhance Senior Lifestyles and Well-being
Strong Local Economy
  • Maintain Quality schools
  • Manage growth Properly
  • Preserve home values
  • Preserve and protect City Services
  • Support small businesses
  • Balance Property Tax Values and Sales Tax Revenue

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